Professional Ear Wax Removal Training

Build a successful recession-proof ear wax removal business with UK Ear Training

Join the £150 million a year ear wax removal business.

Ear wax removal is one of the fastest growing healthcare focused business opportunities in 2024. Our fully certified, comprehensive training course will teach you both the practical skills and best business practises to build a successful ear wax removal business.

Every year millions of patients choose private ear wax removal clinics due to convenience and months long wait times on the NHS.

Our training courses are sutible for both healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs who would like to enter the lucrative world of private healthcare.  With our extensive  training you can start your own clinic or add wax removal to your existing business.


The UK’s most comprehensive ear wax removal course teaches the safe removal of ear wax, equipment choices and best business practices.

The UK Ear Training ear wax removal course is designed to teach you the safest ways to treat patients using the latest, proven techniques allowing you to build a successful ear wax removal business in your area. Our in-depth program covers everything required to give you the ability and confidence to begin practising as soon as you complete the course including understanding the anatomy and physiology of the ear, key removal techniques, how to refer patients to GPs and how to attract new patients. 

Our ear wax removal course covers both microsuction and water irrigation techniques the two most commonly used methods of ear wax removal in the UK. By the end of day one you will have extensive knowledge of the equipment used to successfully remove wax including irrigation and microsuction machines, otoscopes, loupes along with manual removal tools.

Practical Training

Throughout the course, you will see how to deal with patients face-to-face including the best way to manage anxious patients, how to explain the process of wax removal, what aftercare advice should be given and how to deal with any referrals to healthcare professionals. 

Building Your Business

Our course is designed to help you build a successful ear wax removal business which is why we give you advice and tips including access to resources covering all aspects of business growth. We share our knowledge of both running a successful ear wax removal clinic and business/marketing strategies giving you a fast track approach to building your clinic

Course Highlights

  • Two day intensive course
  • Microsuction & irrigation training
  • Ear health & anatomy
  • Equipment types & use
  • Patient care & record keeping
  • Running a clinic overview
  • Creating your brand 
  • Marketing tips & advice

Become A Professional Ear Wax Removal Specialist

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Our Courses Are Fully CPD Accredited

Our ear wax removal training courses are fully accredited by CPD meaning our training is to the highest standard and reviewed by industry professionals. You can find our membership information on the CPD website

One qualified you will be able to use your certification to open a company, open a company bank account and obtain professional insurance allowing you to practise anywhere in the UK.