UK Ear Training Course Overview

The UK Ear Care Training Course is set over 2 days at fully equipped locations across the UK. Once you complete our ear wax removal course you will be fully certified to practise anywhere in the UK as an ear wax removal specialist.  Our course is fully accredited by CPD allowing you to begin treating patients immediately without any additional training or costs.

Our courses are suitable for anyone with or without any previous medical training making it the ideal recession-proof business opportunity.


Ear Wax Removal Training Schedule

Day One

Welcome Coffee

We start the day in the right way with tea, coffee and an informal meeting of your fellow attendees.

Introductions & What To Expect

Our training course has attendees from all different backgrounds, some medically trained and some working with patients for the first time. Getting to know everyone helps us give everyone the best training experience and knowledge for their future career in ear wax removal. We also cover some helpful tips and advice about how best to use your time at the course 

Ear Anatomy

To provide expert ear wax removal it’s important that the practitioner understands how the ears work and have a basic understanding of the anatomy of the ear. We will cover everything you need to know to become confident in examining and treating ear wax removal patients 

Conditions & Abnormalities

Every ear is unique and as a practitioner, it’s important you have an understanding of common ear conditions and abnormalities that the patient may have to allow you to make a confident decision on the best treatment plan for your patient.

Understanding Ear Wax

What is ear wax, how is it formed and how do we use our knowledge to help the patient have great long-term ear health.

Ear Wax Removal Methods & Equipment

Modern ear wax removal requires the use of specialized equipment which can only be operated by fully trained ear wax removal practitioners. We explain the types of equipment we use on a daily basis with patients.


Enjoy a tasty meal with your group and get recharged for the afternoon session.

Otoscopes & Ear Examinations

The otoscope is the gateway to the ear and we show you the best way to use it during your consultation to conduct a full ear health check. 

Water Irrigation Equipment &  Techniques

Water irrigation is a popular and preferred method by ENT clinics as its fast and efficient in the safe removal of ear wax. Learn how to get the best from your equipment and the safest techniques to use with patients during their ear wax removal treatment.

Microsuction Equipment & Techniques 

Microsuction is one of the most commonly used treatment methods for safe ear wax removal and is the technique used by many private clinics across the UK.  For patients with a history of ear issues, perforations and other common conditions, microscution is the preferred treatment option for safe ear wax removal

Cleaning & Daily Housekeeping

Keeping your equipment safe and sterile is important for patient safety. We teach you how to keep your equipment in a safe manner including cleaning schedules and methods.

Day 2

Microsuction Practical Training

Along with other course participants you will be working together practising microsuction treatment under the expert guidance of our trainers. From setting up the machine, how to prepare the patient and how to successfully complete treatment you will have all the knowledge and expertise required to carry out safe and successful ear wax removal treatment on your patients.

Water Irrigration Practical Training

Learn how to use water irrigation to successfully treat ear wax removal patients including how to prepare the machine, correctly check water temperature and finally treat the ear of the patient for successful wax removal. 

Patient Best Practises

Running a successful ear wax removal company means great service and great patient care. We teach you how to prepare your patients in the lead-up to treatment, how to educate and treasure them on the day and how to provide great aftercare resulting in happy, lifelong patients who will not only return but recommend you to friends and family.

Software & Technology

Technology plays a vital role in today’s society and using it effectively can streamline your business and save time on repetitive tasks. We cover what tools will help you grow your practice quickly without worrying about unnecessary additional work. 

Building Your Business

Every business is different, you may already have a business or you may be completely new to the market and need help with branding, marketing and everything else. With our expert experience in running a successful clinic, we will fast-track you to success with the tips and tricks including contacts to become a successful ear wax removal practitioner. 

Finding Patients 

Finding patients is the key to a successful ear wax removal business.  Our experience in acquiring patients will help you build a profitable clientele quickly and successfully. 

Questions & Answers

This question and answer session is the ideal time to cover any questions you have that may be specific to your circumstances. Between our trainers, we have vast experience in business, marketing, treatment, and patient care and the skills required to be successful in the ear wax removal industry.